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Events under the Verkhovna Rada: “Lawyers – are practically the most intellectual … well, the fool always takes by force …”

A lawyer — is a peaceable profession which is designed to protect. Both violations of the rights of lawyers and depreciation of institute of legal profession completely level the rights of the citizen of Ukraine. Under such slogan the peaceful protest action of lawyers under walls of the Verkhovna Rada took place, devoted to fighting against restrictions and violation of the rights of lawyers from law enforcement agencies.

For example, the lawyer Sergey Voychenko told in the exclusive comment to Lawyers Daily that lawyers were angels of the right. And if their rights are violated, then in Ukraine any citizen won’t be able to expect protection and that he will live in the constitutional state and even to have hope for the upholding of the rights.

According to him, it is the most intellectual profession and the most intellectual part of the state. If the state can’t resist also, use of brute force begins. “Even nobody tries to resist to our intelligence, we are just tried to be beaten: carry out searches, open criminal proceedings, watch them illegally, listen. What is it speaks about? Only that people don’t have enough intelligence to contrast with us something, and the fool always fights by force”.

In particular,Inna Rafalskaya, the chairman of the board of lawyers of Kyiv, commented on an initiative of creation of a legal profession monopoly: “I consider that the monopoly isn’t necessary to us. Its introduction won’t ensure a high-quality functioning. Exclusively high-quality legislation can ensure the high-quality functioning”. She commented also on restrictions of the rights of lawyers. According to her, it not the restriction, it is declarative the enshrined provisions which are conflict, and don’t work with other regulations, that is, the lawyer specified, there is no legislative balance.

However, there were also such participants of the action who refused to be represented but with pleasure communicated with the press. According to them, the rights of lawyers should be protected properly, exactly: “Until the court ascertains guilt to the lawyer, it have at all no right to touch, carry out searches, to withdraw documents. It occurs absolutely differently in our country”. On the question “why” the interlocutor told: “The state limits lawyers in the rights to have more power”.

By the way,Petr Boyko, the chairman of the board of lawyers of Kiev region, told that in 2014 one search at the lawyer only was carried out, and it was almost the sensation, in 2015 — it becomes frequent, and in 2016 — just broke through. And he, by the way, considers that the unique reason of such situation is the announcement of the corruption war in the country. “The prosecutor can’t be a guilty person, the judge — who seem to be, and here the lawyer — you are welcome” —assured the chairman of the board .

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