What can attract Arab companies on the Ukrainian market?

In Ukraine it may soon be a new bank, whose founders will be the Arab leaders of business – community. About this initiative, which sounded Ukrainian-Arab Business Council, informs UNIAN source.

This proposal of Council was strongly supported by the authorized persons of the National Bank and the Cabinet. The ofmeeting of business circles of both sides on this issue was held on January 26 this year.

Sheikh Emad Abu Alrub, who is the President of the Council, noted that the establishment of such a financial institution in Ukraine, which would consist entirely of Arab investments would contribute to attracting Arab developed companies on the Ukrainian market.

At this point, according to Sheikh, the Council decides tactical objectives: establishing contacts between business circles of both parts concerned. The main objective of the above-mentioned organization is the involvement of Ukraine in a huge amount of investment – at least $ 100 billion.

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