$ 12 billions were invested in European start-ups in 2016

Startups European market by the number of attracted investments only gives place to America and China markets.

According to the analysis, which is carried out the investment bank of France Clipperton and resource Who Got Funded, it increased the number of transactions up to $ 30 million last year, which graded decline in the proportion of large rounds.

Experts also noted multiplying initiative of private equity funds that have carried out large financial investments and launched funds dedicated to the technologies and companies that are growing rapidly.

With start-ups from Europe it were made 943 deals in the past year. Their total amount was $ 1 to $ 10 million and this figure is higher by half from the previous year. In general, the amount of such transactions reached $ 3.6 billion. Transactions range from $ 10 to $ 30 million increased in its amount by 16% for the year.

Among European countries, most investment funds attracted the United Kingdom – $ 4.1 billion.

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