Agro Core: a new venture in agricultural business management system

Agro-industrial holding Astarta-Kyiv, the ultimate beneficiary of which is Viktor Ivanchyk and company Borsch Ventures headed by Yevgeny Utkin formed a common company under the name of Agro CORE , the main activity of which will be projects in the field of development of innovative systems which manage agricultural business. This information became known from the InVenture source.

According to V. Ivanchyk, thanks to this cooperation it open up new and attractive prospects for mutually beneficial in the development of agricultural technologies, and total operating time will allow participants of agricultural market access to a new qualitative level of agricultural management. For its part, Utkin said that the main objective of the project – is to promote smart technologies in the agricultural sector.

“If today in the financial sector and telecommunications penetration of modern innovative technologies is closer to 100%, in agriculture it is quite low,” – opined Yevgen Utkin.

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