“By the aid of sport I began to make more deliberate decisions”

Ruslan Kramarenko

To temper the will power, to train patience and endurance, convincing yourself that you cannot stop, that you can only take a breath and move on, getting better and better. These are the main convictions, which can accurately describe Ruslan Kramarenko, Chairman of the Board JSC Civinity Ukraina, and let him keep his leadership skills in business and in personal life

The conversation with Ruslan convinces that only people with leadership qualities can work in the most stressful segment of Ukrainian business, which is apartment property management. And this predetermines the choice of sport direction – running with LIVE.LOVE. Excitement and ambition added swimming to the sport list, which recently ended with the Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim. Now training is more than just a physical work for the Chairman of the Board JSC Civinity Ukraina. It is an opportunity to stay alone, to get thoughts together, and to prioritize more complex goals. How Ruslan Kramarenko came to LIVE.LOVE, which changed both himself and his attitude to work, the businessman shared with LDaily .

About the business

: The market of housing services and commercial real estate can rightly be considered as one of the underdeveloped business in Ukraine, and one of the most difficult one. But, despite this, you, Ruslan, decided to make your business in this area. What did motivate you to do this?

R. Kramarenko: I have worked for 11 years in state institutions. I occupied both ordinary posts, and high ones. Once I realized that it was necessary to stop. Therefore, in 2014, I decided to leave my last job in Kyiv city state administration, and started to look for a new field of activity.

And in 2015, I carefully researched and analyzed almost all business areas and decided to create the largest apartment property management company in Ukraine. It is both an insane and promising market that has to be reformed. The first decision was to buy two Housing Management Offices – in Kiev and in Kremenchug. We have been called “City for people”. After a successful start, we teamed up with the Lithuanian company CIVINITY, which is the leader in servicing apartment property and commercial real estate in Eastern Europe.

: What have you achieved after the merger?

R. Kramarenko: We have calculated that in Ukraine there is a billion square meters of housing. One residential house is 4 thousand square meters. We set ourselves the goal to start servicing 50 million square meters. At the moment we serve about 4 million, and by the end of the year we want to serve 10 million square meters.

Make a decision and take responsibility

: Tell us, please, more detailed, what services does your company provide?

R. Kramarenko: First and foremost, this is the cleaning of the house territory, disinfection, emergency service and so on. We can say that these are exactly the services that each Housing Management Offices should provide. But unlike them, we give an account to the residents of the houses, for the things we take money for: management, daily services, repair … Every month we send a report on the work performed. And we honestly admit that with every hryvnia we want to earn 10 cents.

: Working in the field of housing and communal services, you have likely faced many frequent conflicts. How do you overcome that? What does help the most?

R. Kramarenko: One of the most difficult things in the sphere of housing and communal services is working with people. Quite often it is necessary to explain many things to the residents of houses, which their former housing office left unattended. Also we have a complicated personnel experience: it is not easy for us to find those people, who want to work. For example, we offer a good plumber, not in Kiev, a salary of 10-12 thousand UAH. But, of course, we demand to do twice as much work as they did on a salary of 3 thousand hryvnia. It’s very strange, but people do not want to work. They are not even attracted by high salaries. Therefore, we try to cooperate with vocational and technical institutions in order to invite welders, plumbers, electricians and employ young personnel.

: What do you want to bring to Ukrainian society through the company “City for people”?

R. Kramarenko: Our people should turn off the soviet union infantilism and stop blaming in their bad life all around them, but not themselves. We must learn to take responsibility not only for the walls of our apartment, but also for the house, the yard. Now we already clearly see the process that people began to ask, what they are paying for, which was not before. This is a very complex and exhausting process of communication, because there are a lot of garbage from the populists and a lot of misunderstanding. But when we go through this process, we will have completely different people and a different society.

How the LIVE.LOVE started

: Ruslan, how long have you been in sport? What was the reason of forcing yourself to start training?

R. Kramarenko: I can say that I have been doing sport since childhood. Until I was 18, I was fond of judo and even became an international master of sport. But at the age of 19, I stopped training because of work.

For a long time I managed to keep my body fit, but at some point I started gaining weight. This did not suit me, and I decided to experiment with diets, but I realized that it was all pointless. Therefore I took some individual lessons with the coach. You need to be very serious about your motivation, because not all coaches can help you, some of them are good looking , but not professionally training.

At the same time, I learned that many of my colleagues and acquaintances are actively involved in sports, in particular, in the project LIVE.LOVE, and are preparing for various races. This really interested me. I decided to try the Race Nation, and it really inveigled me. Unfortunately, because of the injury, it’s not easy for me to run now, but I found myself in swimming and riding a bicycle with LIVE.LOVE. I can say that my interest in sports was awakened by people around me, who are doing this.

: What do trainings give you?

R. Kramarenko: I always have some purpose in swimming, riding, running. And I do not care a lot about the time I spend on it. A victory. The feeling that I get after training is important. This is an easy tiredness, joy, happiness, a sense of accomplishment to yourself.

Model S2B

: Does sports training reflect on your business, and its development?

R. Kramarenko: I became to make my decisions more calm and deliberate. I like to solve some issues when I’m swimming or running, because at this moment no one and nothing is distracting me. I also started to plan more carefully. Now I choose the optimal place where I can have all the meetings in order not to waste extra time for driving around the city. And I use my free time for sports training. Now my colleagues at work know that from 7 am to 10 am I’m training. And I like to start my day like this.

: From the moment of constant training, have you come to any unusual conclusion for yourself, or maybe a solution?

R. Kramarenko: I firmly understood that you should do sport systematically. And its rules are closely intertwined with business. For example, in sports, before doing exercises, you need to understand what is happening to your body from the point of view of physics, chemistry, what to eat and drink, and to put on to achieve a maximum effect. Almost the same processes occur in business. Before creating a product or providing a service, it is necessary to study all processes from inside very carefully.


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