The Legal maintenance – is a guarantee of business stable development

“To win a hundred victories in hundred fights is not a peak of military art. To plunge the enemy without battle  is the summit”. Do you know how to solve complex legal challenges when participants of the conflict are in the areas far from each other?

A rule of thumb states that  the standard approaches even more confuse affairs and increase the number of hours of legal support without giving the expected result. The  “Syutkin and Partners” Law firm finds alternative ways of the conflict resolution within the legal framework. The company is specializing in an anti-raiding, the corporate law, the taxation, lawsuits, protection in criminal procedure have proved the professionalism in upholding of interests of the client for a long time ago.

Nikolay Syutkin, the managing partner of law firm,  having  an extensive experience in permission of extremely complex jurisdictional disputes, is a an expert. His  author’s techniques has no equal in Ukraine. Project implementation under its management is always successful. It takes place as soon as possible. It is possible to study author’s publications of Nikolai Syutkin here:

Nataliya Osadchaya,a  law firm partner, provides the  legal support of  “key ready”large projects. The  example is  her participation in a construction of five-stars hotel. Having proved as the highly qualified specialist in the sphere of  investments protection,she participates in the implementation of  investment successful schemes and outstanding issues solving  of land legal relationship. It is possible to study author’s publications of Natalya Osadchaya here:


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