Gulliver: «… there is no base for court decision on the arrest of the property “

Ukrainian media notified again about the arrest of accounts of the shopping center Gulliver. The repeat arrest . It was publicized en masse, invoking the statement by the press service of the prosecutor’s office of Kyiv.

According to the media, in a statement of the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s it is talking about the fact that “in the framework upon production of embezzling funds JSC “Bank Mykhailivskyi”and bringing it to the insolvency, it is put a lien by the court on the trade-office complex, situated at the Sportyvna Ploshcha in Kyiv”.

In all of this, as it often happens,not many people refer to the primary source . Lawyers Daily, as it has been repeatedly, is in the forefront. We have received an official statement from the press service of IFC Gulliver, and it is the next one:

In connection with the spread in media the information about the re-arrest of the property of a multifunctional complex Gulliver (the managing company TRI O), we inform our partners, customers and the media that the TRI O LLC will be contesting in law a new definition of Holosiivskyi district Court, and the complex Gulliver continues to operate normally.

After reviewing the materials of the case, we can say that any adequate proof in Holosiivskyi Court was not granted, therefore, as before, there are no grounds for a court decision on seizure of property. We can not rule out that the purpose of these actions is targeted obstruction of the activities of one of the most successful development projects in Ukraine. Recall that on December 27, 2016 the Appeal Court of Kyiv declared illegal and overturned the seizure of Gulliver due to its groundlessness.

IFC Gulliver press service

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