How much and where? – Ukrainians bought up energetically foreign real estate in 2016

Past 2016 marked by an active acquisition by Ukrainians a foreign real estate. Indicators rose threefold. This information is provided by investment portal In Venture.

Despite the fact that Ukrainians were buying up actively real estate abroad in the past year, the newly acquired values can not be compared with the ratios of other countries. For example, on 1 contract of bought real estate by Ukrainians accounts 2-3 subjects to purchase operations by citizen of Kazakhstan.

According to real estate agency Hayat Estate (Kiev), the percentage of Ukrainian buyers who bought a house abroad for the purpose of departure for permanent residence there, fell in the last three years. Most of the customers for these years were immigrants from Eastern Ukraine.

The reason for the high demand for overseas property among other countries was their financial growth in recent years.

The average rate of objects acquired by Ukrainians grew from € 62 million in 2014-2015 to € 95 million in 2016.

Especially attractive countries for the purchase of real estate were Spain, Turkey, Cyprus and Thailand.

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