Kyiv Real Estate Market: a note for investor

Real estate market is one of the most development in the modern Ukrainian economy. We have mentioned about this topic on the Lawyers Daily pages, have analysed the main tendencies and provide the information about judicial aspects of interrelations formation with the builder within our special Construction scram  project to our readers.

Today we propose to you introducing with the Kyiv real estate market in more details. The information which will be helpful not only for consumers but for potential investors too. Is it worth to deposit money in a building? How correctly to establish priorities? The answers we should find in weekly Lawyers Daily editor’s office infographics.


According to  mentioned above information, the minimal rates of capital real estate cost has increased by 10% for 2015-2016 years. For the time being, it remains stable. The mean value has increased by 10% in the amount of 23300 UAH per one square meter in March 2016. The price policy within this segment in the market became more loyal in summer. So, as analysts have mentioned, that investments in housing building of comfort or economy class show more stable increment.


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