NBU decided to liquidate Narodnyi Kapital bank

Another bank is under the threat of extinction in the new 2017. At this time we are talking about the Ukrainian financial institution Narodnyi Kapital. According to the text of the NBU decision , the bank will be liquidated due to the structure’s discrepancy to state requirement relatively its clarity.

According to official information, in the current period, 85% of its shares belong to individuals, none of whom is the owner of a substantial portion of the assets. Thus, the ownership structure of the company Narodnyi Kapital is too dispersed, which causes a specific list of questions from the Ukrainian regulator.

One of the key shareholders is a businessman Valerii Makarenko, whose share in the charter capital of a financial institution is only 14.24%. However, the acquisition of the shares was carried out in violation of Ukrainian legislation: without coordination with the central bank.

Recall that Narodnyi Kapital has appeared in the “doubtful” list in the summer of 2016 year. Founders of the company were given time to resolve the situation with the National Bank by providing reliable information on the ownership structure of the financial institution. As the requirements of the regulator has not been fulfilled in the near future the bank will be liquidated.

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