Constraction Scam

Short review of today’s tendencies in construction of housing

The “unauthorised buildings” question has disturbed the  inhabitants not only in Kyiv but also in  all large cities for not the first year. The  question is not only that the majority of so-called “new buildings” are under construction in the absence of any allowing documents or are based on forgery documents so far.

Nowadays  there is an   investment question to the majority of “young families” into real estate objects. The Internet space contains a large number of articles about how to choose a real estate object and the builder, what schemes of investment more or less reliable etc.

However, in our opinion, only one read articles about schemes of investment, a construction object or the builder aren’t enough to be sure completely of the reliability of “capital investments”. For example, knowledge of traffic regulations doesn’t make you the faultless driver.

In spite of the fact that “schemes” of unreliable builders constantly change, it is possible to state that “skeleton” of such “schemes” always remains identical and invariable. In this connection pertinently will be to analyse what mistakes investors have made by  of the largest objects of an unauthorised construction, which  haven’t completed, how have they asserted their rights what has prevented them from receiving fair compensation from the builder or the state.

You should remember!

Not only the builder but also the state under certain conditions answers to the investor for a construction of a new object.

Therefore we bring  your attention to a cycle of the publicist materials which were devoted  to the full process of a construction, fund raising, commissioning of the object. It is about:

  • the analysis of existing “schemes” and the juicy scandals in the real estate market and questions of an opportunity to receive compensation for the lost investments into a real estate object, which wasn’t completed It won’t  plan to be completed in the near foreseeable future;
  • who could act as the defendant in the claim of the investor for indemnification caused by loss of investments due to the circumstances;
  • how to defend your view  in the court and what is  threatened to Ukraine with a large number of the deceived investors