We will exactly stay with bread: business will receive more than 300 million UAH of investment

Tryndiuk Yurii, who is the owner and president of the company Khlibni investytsii, reported on what amount of money will be invested in improving the production of bread in this year. This amount is equal to more than 300 million UAH. About it has reported the source

Total production of bread in Ukraine is actively reduced according to the company owner. The reasons for this are the emigration of the population in search of well-paid job abroad and also a decrease of purchasing power due to increase in the cost of these products.

The market also has a noticeable trend of increased competition in the industry, which makes the company to invest more for the purpose of holding their positions. Among other problems Tryndiuk called the shortage of highly skilled workers, from workers to technicians.

In 2017, as was noted above, the management of Khlibni investytsii has planned 300 million UAH investments in the construction of a new enterprise, the purchase of new equipment, along with transport and the establishment of its new outlets.

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