Where does Ukraine export its diamonds, parachutes and IT services ?

Ukraine is known as an active exporter of grain, ferrous metals and other raw materials. However, a smaller proportion of people know that we are also engaged in the export of diamonds, sugar, such as washbasins. source has published a list of countries that bought Ukrainian products most actively in the past 2016 year .

Results of 10 months of last year showed that the export of Ukrainian goods has passed the mark of $ 29 billion, which is 7.9% less than the figure for 2015. Proceeds from the sale of exports of agriculture and food industry was $ 11.8 billion, metallurgy – $ 6.89 billion, and electrical and other installations – an additional $ 2.98 billion. In the top five Ukrainian procurement of goods and services went Russia, despite the war in Donbas, Egypt, Poland, Turkey and China.

Over the past year Ukraine made the export of processed and unprocessed diamonds for $ 2.2 million. Of them in Switzerland are – $ 1.3 million and in the United States – $ 682 thousand. For the freight and cargo ships most paid Russia – more than $ 59 million . European countries have imported most Ukrainian ferrous metals – more than $ 11 billion. The leader of consumption of Ukrainian steel nuts is Turkey, which paid Ukraine for this product of $ 12, 59 million. The leader in the consumption of information, telecommunication and computer services were the United States – $ 1, 16 billion. Myanmar (Southeast Asia) has purchased Ukrainian parachutes for $ 7 41 thousand.

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